Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Strawberry Singh #SecondLifeChallenge

Hooray!!! She's back!!!  Strawberry Singh has returned to challenge us.

No longer called the Monday Meme, but rather Second Life Challenge!!!

Just happy to be able to pull my brain out of my panties and think about something besides sex!!!

(Comfort yourselves, friends, it's only temporary.)

This newest challenge is:

Share seven facts about your Second Life avatar or your SLife that may or may not be obvious to your readers/everyone.

So ... here goes.

My Second Life Fact #1:  It's a FACT that Jenny Starveling is a nymphomaniac, and likes to make a living in Second Life making the most of that fact.

My Second Life Fact #2:  Ever since I found fitted mesh, and had to make the choice of what head or body I enjoy best, I have kept my look reasonably consistent (unless I've need to use a specific body for a specific look.)  My head of choice pre-bento was the Logo Alex head (and post-bento, the Logo Alexis head.)  My body choice is Belleza ISIS.  These come with some drawbacks, because the Alexis head is relatively new, and so the animations aren't as plentiful as, say, CATWA choices.  Belleza ISIS is the same way, due to not currently coming with bento hands.  Both builders have given assurances that those bento improvements are in the pipeline.  I'm waiting patiently.

My Second Life Fact #3:  I have a set of friends who has taken me in, providing me with a wonderful hut in the Eden Naturist community.  They are all supportive and friendly, and I love them to death!

My Second Life Fact #4:  I haven't bought L$ in Second Life.  Either I have been able to support myself in the oldest profession in SL, or someone has generously donated something.  I have some very generous friendships in SL.

My Second Life Fact #5:  Anything I have left from what I make in L$ in Second Life, I give away to support a particular region that I have come to adore, and I make a point of donating to this particular region whenever possible.  My way of giving back.

My Second Life Fact #6:  I have been labeled a prolific Second Life photographer.  You can find my flickr stream HERE!

My Second Life Fact #7:  I have also made a number of my own adult Second Life videos or machinima.  You can find all of those HERE AT NAUGHTYMACHINIMA.COM  In fact, I created a short striptease version of my 7 Second Life Facts.  

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